Winter Breakfast: Sausage & Mushroom

The key to this breakfast is the quality of the sausage!  If you’ve recovered from your fit of giggles I”ll continue….

All jokes aside, we get our sausages from a small business called Wakefield Grange who sell ethically raised free range, grass fed beef, and they are delicious!  Don’t use supermarket thin bbq sausages if you can help it! It is worth finding a good butcher This is a perfect breakfast for winter and this freezes really too and can be reheated.  Food prep heaven!

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The Everything is Awesome Black Forest and Coconut Ice Cream Sandwich!


We may have watched The LEGO Movie on the weekend – and now in our heads all we can hear is “Everything is Awesome”, which particularly relates to this Black Forest and Coconut Ice Cream Sandwich!  If you’ve seen this movie, think of the recipe coming from Cloud Cuckoo Land, a land up in the clouds where there are no rules, no limits, no bushy mustaches, no bedtimes, and no consistency. Reached by traveling up a rainbow, and home to the sweet and plucky Princess Unikitty, Cloud Cuckoo Land is built from every kind of piece using every type of LEGO imagination.  I’d like to think that I was channelling Princess Unikitty when I put this recipe together!  Anyway – enjoy!   Continue reading

Beast Quiche

photo 3

Most Australian guys have a problem with eating quiche, and are much more comfortably calling it an Egg and Bacon Pie – so I’ve called this Beast Quiche, because they’re not a pie as there is a clear lack of any kind of pastry in these recipes.  The first quiche I made was sweet potato and bacon and now I’ve branched out to a couple of different flavours, I’ve also learnt some lessons along the way!  So the hard work has been done in the taste testing (yes this involved putting the vegetables in raw and no before you ask this did not work!) – so fingers crossed you’ll enjoy these!

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Mean CrossFit Girls


There’s an ugly side of girls sport, and that’s the mean bitchy side – and it rears its ugly head every now and then.

We can have all the messaging at CrossFit that it’s about building a community, leave your ego at the door, that the last person to finish gets the biggest cheer, but the sad truth is that the mean girls still try and spoil it all.

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